Siren Design was first inspired as a safe place for women who wanted options after surviving breast cancer. It was first developed to be able to help with scar tissue and tattoo covers including areola replication. We wanted to provide a safe place for women who would want these services, but whom may not feel comfortable approaching traditional tattoo parlors.

Since it's inception, we have broadened our services to include help for people who have self harm scars, surgical scars, radiation 'creap' skin, pigmentation issues, people who want permanent makeup, microblading, scalp micropigmentation (hair follicle simulation), stretch mark camouflage, faux freckles,and non-laser tattoo removal.

We make it a priority to learn continuously to provide the most cutting edge services and stay ahead of trends. At Siren Design, we make inquiries from the creators of the science that pushes this industry forward to bring knowledge from around the globe to offer the best services possible.

In addition to this we partner with financing companies to provide our clients the ease of mind and payment options to best suite the individual's needs.