Siren's Medical Tattoo Studio

5110 Tieton Dr Suite 280B

Yakima, WA 98908

Located in the South End of Glenwood Square 

April 27-29th


Lunch Will Be Provided

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This course will not only have 3 days of training. There will also be a scheduled personal day were you will work one on one with the instructor on a real model with guidance after submitting acceptable proficiency materials.

You will be fully knowledgeable in Microblading and be able practice this as a brow artist.

This course will be an intense training that will give you more than just the basics!​ 

- Client Safety

- Washington State Laws

- Problem Solving

- Color Theory

- Anatomy and Phisiology

​- Intensive Practice

- Live Demonstrations

- Practice Kits

- Advanced Techniques

- Color Correction

Step 1- Beginners Course

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The Siren Design Step 1 Microblading course is specifically for beginners. With this course you will receive the knowledge and some basic materials that you will need to continue practicing patterns and begin microblading on models. You will receive practice materials and information on where to purchase professional supplies as well.

Step 1 Kit includes: 2 pigment colors, 2 Disposable Hand tools with Blade,

2 Single Blades with 1 and Autoclavable tool.
​We will be providing practice skins and practice materials to be used in class and for private practice. You also receive a packet of information and resources. A live demonstration of skill will be at a later date, after suffictient practice of technique has been proven by submitting practice materials to the instructor. There will be 120 days of support following the class.

The  day Introductory (Step 1) Training is $2500 

$1000 non-refundable down is required to for seat reservation. No class will exceed 6 seats to insure adequate and personalized training. Training kits and models are included in the cost of the training. Training location will be in Yakima.

This class is intended to give someone who has little background in Permanent Makeup and the foundations start a business in Microblading, or make it an addition to services provided in their current environment. Please contact to request available financing.