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Scalp tattos, performed perfectly to camouflage hair loss of all kinds, is a highly specialized service. The optimal results take several sessions lasting from 2-6 hours. Top off's (optional in 3-8 years) is a single setting at a reduced rate.

Siren's has experience in finding your perfect solution as well as giving you education about hair loss causes and what you can do in conjunction with your treatment to have the very best possible results.

​Pricing is based on the amount of coverage needed.

Crown or Hairline  -   800

Crown and Hairline-  1600

Hairline past ears -    2000-


Full (average sized)

Head -                        4000

It is important to have an in person consultation for an accurate quote.

At Siren Design we bring unique solutions to partial or full coverage that is taylored to the individual client.  

Due to the intensive time involved in Scalp Micropigmentation, we work with lenders to help finance this service.

Hair Loss Solution

Hair Follicle Simulation

Scalp Micropigmentation