Scar Camouflage and Artistic Scar Cover ups  

Scars can be camouflaged by tattooing corrective pigment over the effected tissue. Corrective pigment can be either artistic and designed for the client, or simply blended in with the surrounding skin pigment. This can be done over most types of scars, including stretch marks. 

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To say it as simply as possible, this is why Siren Design exists. We want to help women who have been though the trauma of battling breast cancer, providing options to help to reclaim their body while privately celebrating survival. Siren Design is offering a safe place for the community to go to receive scar treatments of choice. By offering microneeding, scar camouflage, and artistic scar cover ups, we offer as many choices as we can to help heal the psychological scars in a caring and nurturing environment. Every other service that is offered by Siren Design stems from these potential needs. Up to 16 hours of month is volunteered to services like areola replication for uninsured women, camouflage of self injury scars, and facial tattoo removal.

Do to the privacy of our clients, we do not post pictures relating to breast tissue, nor do we ask.

Microneedling is also known as Collagen Injection Therapy and Dry Needling. This process was born out of the tattoo industry when artists had noticed a significant improvements in scar texture after a tattoo over the scar had long healed. Since then it has become one our strongest paramedical tools to help breakdown most types of scar tissue while helping to improve texture, color, and size. 

Collagen is promoted from within the dermis by use of micro-injuries causing the skin to, in some ways, regrow itself to camouflage scars, plump and tighten skin, and rejuvenate the dermal layers from the inside out. The dermal collagen thickness frequently increases by over a millimeter!

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