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The First option is promoting self healing through Dry Tattooing. This method is in many ways a type of terraforming, by causing micro injuries that promote regrowth of the outer dermal layers. These new layers of 'normal' skin reacts the same as the surrounding tissue. It will tan as some of the melanocytes have returned to previously damaged areas. There is also a revascularization to areas that are correctly treated. Lack of blood flow is why so many scars have turned white, and why many old stretch marks have a silvery sheen.   

The NEW Vanish and Vanquish Stretch Mark Solution!

At Siren Design, 2 types of highly effective treatments to disguise and sometimes heal stretch marks. People spend millions every year on pseudoscientific creams, products, and procedures. Siren Design is using real solutions that have the science to back it up.  

This is a recently developed technique that was derived from tattooing and microneedling to achieve faster results while the damaged skin is terraforming itself. 

Skin matching pigment is implanted to color camouflage while the long process takes place over the course of 6 months to a year. This amazing breakthrough is from the Skin Artists of Brazil.

With this method, the tattoo is healed in 30 days with jaw dropping results! 

While this is a faster solution for short term results, it's still necessary to continue dry tattooing treatments to affected areas.